How to Make Corn and Potato Cream Soup

By Admin

July 17, 2018

Delicious delicacies like corn and potato soup can be made at home with ease.

Well, so you no longer curious as to what recipes are easy to make corn and potato soup at home, then just take a look at recipes to make corn and potato soup as follows.

Cooking Time
– Preparation: 35 minutes
– Cooking: 35 minutes
– Total: 70 minutes

Number of Servings
2 servings

Main Ingredients Corn Potato Cream Soup:
– 1 piece of sweet corn
– 1 piece of Potato

Materials and Spices Soup Cream:
– 100 ml chicken broth
– 700 ml of water to boil
– 200ml thick cream / liquid milk
– Salt taste
– 2 tbsp margarine for sauteing
– 2 tbsp of water-soluble maize
– 1 pack of small Cheese, grated
– pepper
– 50 grams of Parsley, sliced
– 1 small onion
– Sufficient Nectar Powder
– Sugar Sufficient

Tips on Preparing the Main Material:
1. Do the first by first preparing the main ingredients. This is because the main ingredients we have to cut and clean it first before cooked and processed into a delicious and delicious dish. However, before you start chopping vegetables, please prepare the equipment you will use first to cut such as knives, placemats and containers to be used as a place to store ingredients or vegetables that have been cut.
2. After that, clean the first vegetables by cleaning the sweet corn from the shell. Way, peel the skin or sweet corn out shell slowly to the back and pull and cut the corncob.
3. Then, also clean the hair on the corn. To clean this section you can do it by pulling the corn hairs by hand evenly. Once clean, please corn the corn by hand or comb using a knife and insert the result of the comb in the container.
4. While for potatoes, clean potatoes and boil potatoes in a pan until cooked. Likewise with sweet corn that has been put from the cob, please boil until cooked. Remove if the vegetables are cooked.
5. Puree the potatoes while still hot by using an pounder or food processor.

How To Make Corn Potato Cream Soup:
1. Blend the mashed potatoes along with combed corn. Until these two ingredients become thick cream. 2. Lift and set aside temporarily.
3. After that, on top of the pan, please stir-fry onions by using margarine that has been heated. Saute the onion until fragrant and fragrant.
4. Add the broth to the pan along with the potato and corn aids. water, sugar, salt, pepper, nutmeg and stir until evenly distributed.
5. When almost boiling, please enter the maize flour solution slowly while stirring with your left hand quickly. Put the remaining spices and the correction also taste.
6. Pick up and serve this dish in a serving bowl and sprinkle the cheese along with parsley leaves and enjoy it with freshly crusted french bread.

Such recipes and how to make a delicious dish of delicious creamy soup.