How To Make A Warm Macaroni Sausage Soup for Your Christmas

By Admin

July 17, 2018

The moment of Christmas celebration that runs in the closing months of the year to make this one moment is often rain. No wonder when the cold air often accompany the moment of Christmas. Well, celebrating a cool Christmas moment we will certainly need a dish that will make the body feel comfortable and feel warmer.

Soup dishes become one of the options for those of you who want to complement the Christmas warmth with the family. Serving soup this time is made with a variety of delicious recipes and delicious there is soup sausage macaroni, unisex serving spicy soup crab soup fresh and delicious.

Well, so you are no longer curious about the recipe this time so no need to worry you will be able to listen to some recipes that we will give this time. Here’s a great recipe for Christmas and special soup dishes just for you and your family. Listen directly to the recipe just for you.

Cooking Time
– Preparation: 25 minutes
– Cooking: 10 minutes
– Total: 35 Minutes

– 1 boneless chicken legs
– 100 grams of small macaroni
– 3 pieces of beef sausage
– 3 cloves garlic, finely chopped
– 2,000 ml chicken broth
– 2 pieces of carrots, cut into boxes
– 1/2 teaspoon pepper powder
– 1 spring onion, cut 1 cm
– 5 1/2 teaspoons of salt
– 100 grams of peas
– 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg powder
– 1 tablespoon oil, for sauteing

Preparation Makes Soy Warm Macaroni Sausage Soup:
1. The first step that we will do to make this dish is to first prepare some materials and equipment that you will use to make the dish this time. Some materials that need to be prepared include a container, a pot, a knife, a saucer and a serving bowl.
2. After all the equipment preparation is done evenly. Next please clean the boneless chicken thighs using clean water evenly.
3. Raise this dish and set aside in container for next you will be able to cut the chicken with the shape of the dice approximately 1 cm and set aside in the container.
4. Then continue with the sausage. How to please cut the sausage by using a knife with a considerable thickness. When you have finished enter into the container and set aside evenly before you mix this dish with other ingredients.

How To Make Delicious Warm Nappy Sausage Soup:
1. To make soup this time make sure when all the ingredients on the recipe you have cleaned and the material that needs to be cut please cut evenly before you make a dish this time.
2. Then once done, continue this step by first preparing the oil in the pan and heat on the stove using medium heat.
3. After that, please put garlic and stir fry this dish until fragrant and smell the nice smell and delicious.
Then cook the chicken into it and stir all these dishes until mixed and the chicken turns the color becomes more pale evenly.
4. Prepare the stock in a pan and stir back evenly and wait until it is rather hot by using medium heat.
Next just enter the seasoning that you have stirred before and stir back until all of this dish mixed and stirred evenly.
5. Enter the beef sausage along with macaroni and also peas, salt, nutmeg powder and also pepper powder. Stir back until all of these dishes are evenly mixed.
6. Cook the dish until it boils and matures evenly. Upon arrival, please enter the leek into it and stir again until all of this dish is mixed.
7. Well, now serving soup macaroni sausage for Christmas dish is cooked. You will be able to present this dish to accompany the cool Christmas moments with the family. To add flavors and tastes from cooking this time you will be able to sprinkle additional fried onions at the top of the soup.