How to Make a Delicious, Simple and Easy Cheese Dorayaki

By Admin

July 17, 2018

Cheese dorayaki cake is a delicious dish to eat. In addition, this dish is quite easy to make at home, you just need to prepare some of the equipment contained in the recipe and will be ready to meraciknya. Want to know what kind of recipes make a delicious cheese dorayaki cheese dish? Consider the following easy recipes.

Cooking Time
– Preparation: 15 minutes
– Cooking: 30 minutes
– Total: 45 minutes

Number of Servings
4 servings

Leather Materials:
– 150 grams of wheat flour
– 100 grams of sugar
– 1/2 teaspoon salt
– 1/2 tablespoon baking powder
– 2 chicken eggs
– 50 ml of liquid milk

Inner Materials:
– Sweetened condensed milk
– Cheddar cheese

How to Prepare Materials and Equipment:

  1. For the first make sure you prepare all the equipment needed to make the dish this time. For that, please prepare some needed equipment such as container, teaspoon, mixer and pan or dorayaki prints. By preparing all these equipments then you will be able to easily make a dish this time. For that, please make sure that you have prepared everything well.
  2. When finished with the equipment, please coat the pan first using margarine. This is done so that later pan that we use to cook the dough is not sticky. Once finished smeared please restore this material evenly. However, the important tips to keep in mind is not to overcorporate too much with margarine. This will make the color mature on the cake to be uneven. For that, just thin basting.
  3. Then, do not forget to prepare all the materials close to your range evenly.

How to Make a Dorayaki:
1. To make a dish this time you can do by preparing a container and enter the egg together with sugar into it. Stir and shake this ingredient using a mixer evenly until smooth and fluffy.
2. After that, add dry ingredients such as wheat flour and baking powder. Stir all of these ingredients evenly until they expand and mix. Stir by using the mixer at low speed.
3. Next, please pour the mixture of liquid milk together with the sugar and salt also. Stir all these ingredients evenly until they are mixed and the dough becomes lighter when shaken.
4. Well, after finished shuffle please let stand while the dough for approximately 15 minutes so that the dough volume becomes more fluffy evenly.
5. Stir this dish until evenly and heat pan on the stove using a small flame. Wait until the pan becomes even warmer.
6. Pour the batter bit by bit into a sticky pan that has been smeared with butter. Then fry evenly.
7. Cook and let stand until cooked evenly until browned. Do not forget to reverse this dish so that the bottom is cooked evenly. Repeat this step until all the dough has been consumed.
8. After that, take one part dorayaki and basting with sweetened condensed milk evenly. After that, sprinkle with grated cheese evenly on the top. Cover with another dorayaki section.
9. Once ready you will be able to serve this dish in a container or a serving plate to then be enjoyed.